Five Ways to Save Money and Time at Oktoberfest

We've come up with five ideal ways for you to save a bit of hard earned cash, whilst still being able to enjoy the world's most famous beer festival.

Across the globe, far and wide, there are countless, innumerable beer festivals, from the Great American Beer Festival, to BeerFest Singapore, to Beervana in New Zealand. But when you hear the phrase ‘beer fest’ there’s really only one word that comes to mind - Oktoberfest. The grand-daddy of them all, the original Oktoberfest in Munich is the one that really gets us weak at the knees and feeling like a child who’s just been told Christmas is coming early. It’s the one that’s on every beer-lovers bucket list, and that all other beer festivals aspire to be.

Save Money at Oktoberfest

Be that as it may, attending a beer fest juggernaut is never gonna be easy on the wallet. Sure, your beers are served by the litre (no complaints there), but at €10-15 a pop, including tip, it can be unforgiving on the bank balance. That’s why we’ve come up with five ideal ways for you to save a bit of hard earned cash, whilst still being able to enjoy the world's most famous beer festival.

1. Camping / Glamping


Anyone who’s ever taken a look on AirBnB or Booking.com over the Oktoberfest period in Munich will know that accommodation can get pricey - like, really pricey. Locals are known to flee Bavaria for a couple of weeks and lease out their homes for astronomical prices. And who can blame them, when you can get your whole year’s rent back in the space of two and a half weeks.

Stoketoberfest is Stoke Travel’s Oktoberfest camping accommodation — Munich’s only real budget accommodation option and also its wildest party, located inside Munich’s city limits. You’re not merely getting just a tent, but a festival outside the festival, with live music, entertainment and a bunch of other like minded beer fanatics in search of a good time. It’s best to check out your options with camping or even glamping, so you can still enjoy Oktoberfest, but at a fraction of the price.

2. Don’t stress about booking a table

While it doesn’t actually cost to book a table, you do have to put down a significant amount of money to reserve one, which you then get reimbursed with food or drink tokens. But not everyone has that kind of money to front up, or plans to spend that much in the first place.

Save Money at Oktoberfest

That, however, doesn’t mean you can’t still have a killer time. Mid-week, at least a third of tables are left unreserved, by order of the city of Munich, and on weekends, they’re all unreserved. Plus, if the beer Gods bless you with half-decent weather, tables in the biergartens don’t take reservations, and have just as good an atmosphere as inside.

3. Go on a Tuesday

Whilst we all know the main reason for going to a beer fest is, well, the beer, Oktoberfest also caters for kids and adrenaline junkies in the plethora of rides and attractions that are on offer outside of the beer halls. From Ferris wheels to roller coasters and everything in-between, there’s something for everyone to love. That’s why Tuesday, family day, is the perfect day to hit Oktoberfest, as all rides are half-price, so you can save your money to spend on the good stuff - beer!

4. Eat Pretzels - just not in the beer halls


Beer and pretzels is perhaps the best combination the Germans have come up with since Rudi Voller and Jurgen Klinsmann took the FIFA World Cup by storm in the 90’s. Buying a “brez’n” is simply a must do at Oktoberfest, and luckily it’s one of the cheapest foods you can buy there. But make sure to buy one in the stalls, not the halls - the price difference can be ridiculous. While the halls can charge anywhere up to a tenner, the pretzel stalls right outside the stalls will likely be asking far less, meaning you can afford to get two to soak up all that delicious beer.

5. Pre-load and party with STOKE TRAVEL

Ideally, the best way to save money is to book with the biggest and best Oktoberfest operator, Stoke Travel. From €65 a night, camping and glamping options are some of the cheapest options in all of Munich, not to mention including so much more than just a bed. You’ll get breakfast every morning, campsite parties all week, international DJs and performers, food trucks, a shisha lounge, a Burlesque German funhouse and loads more entertainment included, what’s not to love? Plus for €10 a day, you can upgrade to UNLIMITED BEER (and sangria) to keep the party going once you get back from the beer halls. So what are you waiting for?


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