American Beer Vs European Beer

We are sharing a nice article about the debate of American Beers vs. European beers

Date: Dec 13, 2019

We are sharing a nice article about the debate of American Beers vs. European beers. This article is originally from Frankenmuth Brewery, a Craft Brewery located in Michigan.

If there is one thing craft beer connoisseurs love to do, it’s debate about their preference for American vs. European beers. Some Michigan breweries aim to continue the European legacy, while others are fighting against the reputation that new American beers are subpar.

American beers, generally the more commercial varieties, tend to lack the strength of European brews. Europeans tend to think that American beer is watered down while Americans read the strength of certain brews as bitter. The decreased strength in American beer is often attributed to the period of prohibition. At this time, a few breweries took over some of the smaller institutions creating a similar, weaker product across the board. This is when the differences between American vs. European beers became noticeable.

There are stringent regulations on German beer called the Reinheitsgebot or “German purity laws” that contributed to its consistency and quality. Examples of the laws include using barley rather than substitutes like maize, sorghum, or other items that are more cost-effective but provide a product that is not as traditional. Seeing as these regulations do not exist in America, brews can be developed with barley substitutes.

Smaller American brewhouses, like our brewery in Michigan, maintain tradition and work to produce brews that stem from the European brewing processes. We are proud to say that we follow German purity laws in order to continue the European brewing stateside and keep our lengthy heritage intact.

The American vs. European beer debate has become tougher with the advent and growing popularity of craft beer. The reputation that American beer is “near beer” or less than quality no longer remains true, at least in regards to the fine work of craft breweries all over the country. At our brewery, we try to bring both the American and European brewing processes together in an effort that culminates in truly tasty Michigan beer.

For more information about Frankenmuth Brewery please visit the information source link.

Information Source & Credits: Frankenmuth Brewery

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