Craft Beer China Conference Exhibition

Shanghai, China

Thu, 25 Apr 2024 - Sat, 27 Apr 2024

Event Overview


  • Address: 2345 Long Yang Road, Pudong Area.
  • City: Shanghai
  • Area Code: 201204
  • Country: China
  • Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center

Date & Time

  • Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2024 - Sat, 27 Apr 2024

About this Event

CBCE is set to unfold across four dynamic exhibition areas, each spotlighting the industry's finest—from cutting-edge brewing equipment and raw materials to the most sought-after craft beer brands. Discover the latest trends in food pairings and explore advancements in canning and label printing, all under one roof.

The conference is more than an exhibition; it's a comprehensive experience with at least eight professional conferences and themed events. Engage with industry leaders at the Industry-leading Conference, savor unique brews at the Beer Tasting Event, and forge valuable connections at the Business Matchmaking Event. The Craft Beer Banquet and other accompanying events promise to deliver a multi-dimensional approach to brand and market expansion.

CBCE's professional audience is as diverse as the industry itself, including domestic and international brewers, sommeliers, catering experts, executives from large beer companies, and practitioners from small and medium breweries. It's a melting pot of producers, distributors, agents, retailers, food experts, scholars, investment institutions, industrial designers, brand planners, and media from around the globe.

With a commitment to integrating global resources and fostering technical exchanges, CBCE is the place to be for those looking to dive deep into the craft beer market. Here, experts share the latest in raw material treatment and brewing technologies, while founders of renowned breweries offer insights into brewery operations and brand management. Discussions on marketing channels, new retail models, and cold chain logistics solutions will provide actionable strategies to tackle industry challenges.

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this vibrant community, where craft meets innovation.

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