New England Craft Brew Summit

Portland, ME US

Thu, 07 Mar 2024

Event Overview


  • Address: 88 Spring St.
  • City: Portland
  • State: ME
  • Area Code: 04101
  • Country: US
  • Venue: Holiday Inn By the Bay

Date & Time

  • Date: Thu, 07 Mar 2024

About this Event

Immerse yourself in the epicenter of craft beer innovation at the New England Brew Summit. This flagship event is a fusion of an educational conference and a vibrant trade show, serving as the pulse of the craft beer community in the region. Here’s a snapshot of what’s brewing:

Highlights of the New England Brew Summit:

Insightful Presentations: Gain invaluable insights from industry trailblazers like Bart Watson and Holly Haslam from the Brewers Association, who will guide you through the complexities and triumphs of the beer industry.

Interactive Sessions: Participate in engaging workshops and discussions that delve into the intricate world of brewing, designed for both the master brewers and the strategic minds running the show.

Unparalleled Networking: The vendor expo is the perfect arena to mingle with industry peers, while the sampling stations offer a relaxed setting to exchange ideas over a pint.

Curated Learning Tracks: With sessions neatly organized into Technical Brewing and Business of Beer, you’ll find targeted content that speaks directly to your interests and expertise.

A Legacy of Learning: Established in 2016, the Summit has been a catalyst for growth and collaboration in the New England brewing scene, nurturing a sense of community and shared passion.

Brand Building Opportunities: With a range of sponsorship and exhibiting options, you can showcase your offerings to an engaged and passionate audience, eager to learn about the latest in the industry.

The New England Brew Summit stands at the crossroads of heritage and innovation, offering a platform for professionals to expand their horizons, share their passion, and celebrate the art of brewing.

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