Ohio Craft Brewers Conference

Toledo, OH US

Tue, 16 Jan 2024 - Thu, 18 Jan 2024

Event Information

Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2024 - Thu, 18 Jan 2024

Hours: 8AM - 6PM

Venue: Glass City Center

Address: 401 Jefferson Ave Toledo, OH 43604 US

About this Event

Embark on a Craft Beer Odyssey at the Ohio Craft Brewers Conference!

Step into the vibrant world of the Ohio Craft Brewers Conference, where the essence of craft brewing comes alive. Held at the Glass City Center in Toledo, this annual event is a haven for brewers, enthusiasts, and industry professionals. Every moment here is a blend of knowledge, innovation, and camaraderie.

The Ohio Craft Brewers Conference is not just an event; it's an experience. A place where you can:

Engage in Enlightening Seminars: Dive deep into the art and science of brewing with educational sessions led by industry experts.
Network with the Best: Connect with fellow brewers, share stories, and build lasting relationships.
Discover the Latest Trends: From sustainability in brewing to the nuances of recipe design, stay ahead of the curve with insights from leading voices in the industry.

Why Attend the Ohio Craft Brewers Conference?

Comprehensive Agenda: Spanning multiple days, the conference offers a packed schedule, from keynote addresses to hands-on workshops.
Exhibitor Opportunities: Showcase your products, services, or innovations to a targeted audience.
Celebrate Craft Beer: More than just learning, it's a celebration of the passion, creativity, and spirit of the craft beer community.

So, why hold back? Dive into a world where every drop tells a story, every session offers a new perspective, and every connection is a step towards brewing excellence.

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