Big Texas Beer Fest

Dallas, TX US

Sat, 06 Apr 2024

Big Texas Beer Fest is an annual beer festival held in Dallas, Texas, that celebrates the craft beer culture, showcasing a wide variety of craft beers from local, national, and international breweries.

Event Information

Date: Sat, 06 Apr 2024

Hours: 3PM-7PM

Venue: Fair Park Automobile Building

Address: 1010 1st Ave Dallas, TX 75210 US

About this Event

The Big Texas Beer Fest is one of Texas's premier craft beer festivals, celebrated annually in Dallas. Since its inception in 2012, the festival has grown significantly, attracting beer enthusiasts from across the state and beyond. The event showcases a vast selection of craft beers, with a particular focus on Texas-based breweries, alongside national and international brands.

Here are some key details about the festival:

Location: The festival typically takes place in Fair Park Automobile Building in Dallas, showcasing a wide variety of craft beers from local, national, and international breweries.

Craft Beer Selection: Big Texas Beer Fest features an extensive selection of craft beers, including a diverse range of styles and flavors. Attendees have the opportunity to explore and taste a wide array of unique and specialty brews.

Beer Tastings: The heart of the festival lies in its extensive beer tastings. Attendees can expect to sample a wide range of craft beers, including various styles such as ales, lagers, stouts, IPAs, and more. The festival often features rare and limited-edition releases, making it a unique experience for beer aficionados.

Brewery Participation: The festival attracts a mix of local Texas breweries as well as well-known craft breweries from across the country. Brewers often attend the event, providing attendees with the chance to interact with the people behind the beers.

Food and Entertainment: In addition to the beer offerings, Big Texas Beer Fest usually includes food vendors serving up delicious fare. There may also be live music, entertainment, and other activities to enhance the overall festival experience.
History: The Big Texas Beer Fest has been a staple in the Dallas beer scene since its inception. It has grown over the years, attracting beer enthusiasts not only from Texas but from various parts of the country.

Community Engagement: Big Texas Beer Fest contributes to the local beer community by showcasing the talents of Texas brewers and creating a platform for beer lovers to connect. The festival often collaborates with local businesses and vendors to promote a sense of community and support for the craft beer industry.

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