Oktoberfest Of The Palm Beaches

Lake Worth, FL US

Fri, 11 Oct 2024 - Sun, 20 Oct 2024

Oktoberfest of the Palm Beaches is a lively celebration that brings the spirit of the famous German Oktoberfest to Florida's Palm Beach County.

Event Information

Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2024 - Sun, 20 Oct 2024

Hours: 12pm-11pm (varies)

Venue: The American German Club

Address: 5111 Lantana Road Lake Worth, FL 33463 US

About Oktoberfest Of The Palm Beaches

Oktoberfest of the Palm Beaches is a lively celebration that brings the spirit of the famous German Oktoberfest to Florida's Palm Beach County. It typically features a blend of traditional German culture, including food, music, dancing, and of course, plenty of beer.


  • Weekend One: October 11-13, 2024
  • Weekend Two: October 18-20, 2024

Event Highlights

These are the most important highlights for this beer event:

  • Traditional German Cuisine: Attendees can indulge in authentic German dishes such as bratwurst, schnitzel, pretzels, sauerkraut, and strudel.

  • Beer: Beer is a significant part of Oktoberfest, and you'll find a wide variety of German beers on offer, including popular favorites like Märzen, Pilsner, and Hefeweizen.

  • Live Music and Entertainment: The event usually features live bands playing traditional German music, including polkas and folk songs. There may also be dance performances and other entertainment.

  • Games and Activities: Attendees can participate in various games and activities typical of Oktoberfest, such as beer stein holding contests, keg rolling, and traditional folk dancing.

  • Cultural Exhibits: Some Oktoberfest events also include exhibits or demonstrations showcasing German culture, history, and traditions.

  • Family-Friendly Activities: While Oktoberfest is often associated with beer and adult-oriented festivities, many events also offer family-friendly activities such as carnival rides, games, and face painting to ensure fun for all ages.

Additional Info

Here are some additonal info and tips for visitors and travelers:

Every year the American German Club of the Palm Beaches hosts its traditional Oktoberfest on the second and third weekend of October. Held on ten acres of ground under our pavilion and massive tent, the "Original Oktoberfest" is one of the largest in the US.

Oktoberfest of Palm Beaches offers authentic German cooking such as Bratwurst, Potato Salad, Leberkäse, Sauerkraut, Original Hofbräu Bier, imported Munich/German or domestic beers, liqueurs, wine or non-alcoholic beverages, and for dessert some German pastries.

Enjoy traditional folk dancing, choral singing, and sing-along's, with two bands coming straight from Germany. Folk dancing performances will be featured, vendor & craft booths, a Carnival for all ages, and a kids’ zone. Bring your family to the American German Club and experience a real German Oktoberfest! Plenty of parking will be available.

Oktoberfest of the Palm Beaches provides an opportunity for locals and visitors alike to immerse themselves in German culture, enjoy delicious food and drinks, and celebrate with friends and family in a festive atmosphere.

Oktoberfest of Palm Beaches

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