Warsaw Beer Festival

Warszawa, Poland

Thu, 21 Mar 2024 - Sat, 23 Mar 2024

The Warsaw Beer Festival in Poland is a notable event for beer enthusiasts, bringing together brewers, beer lovers, and industry professionals. The festival is held in Warsaw, the capital city of Poland.

Event Information

Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2024 - Sat, 23 Mar 2024

Hours: 4PM - 12AM

Venue: Warsaw Legia Stadium

Address: Lazienkowska 3 Warszawa, 00-449 Poland

About Warsaw Beer Festival

The Warsaw Beer Festival in Poland is a notable event for beer enthusiasts, bringing together brewers, beer lovers, and industry professionals. The Warsaw Beer Festival was first held in 2014, the first event of its kind in Poland. It continues to bring together modern Polish craft beer tastes and the hottest trends. They are eager to challenge bland traditions and create striking, modern beer. And the Warsaw Beer Festival is the place to experience the best of the best. Here are some key details about the festival:

Venue: The festival is typically held in Warsaw, the capital city of Poland. The exact venue is Warsaw Legia Stadium.

Beer Selection: One of the highlights of the festival is the extensive selection of beers available for tasting. Brewers from Poland and around the world showcase a wide range of beer styles, including traditional brews, craft beers, and innovative creations. Attendees have the opportunity to explore and discover new flavors.

Culinary Offerings: In addition to the beer tastings, the Warsaw Beer Festival often features culinary offerings that complement the beer experience. This may include food pairings, local cuisine, and snacks to enhance the overall gastronomic experience.

Entertainment and Activities: Beyond beer tastings, the festival may include entertainment and activities. This can range from live music performances to beer-related competitions and games, creating a lively and festive atmosphere. Besides exceptional beer, visitors enjoy a variety of other entertainment experiences. There are lots of board games, fussball, excellent coffee and arcade machines. The festival also features games tournaments, free lectures and paid tasting masterclasses. Many distinguished guests visit the Warsaw Beer Festival too

Tickets: Attendees typically purchase tickets to access the festival, and ticket options may include single-day passes or full-event passes. Some festivals also offer VIP packages with additional perks.

Meet the modern face of Poland’s vibrant beer culture. Experience over 1,200 beers from top brewers driving the revolution. Discover and enjoy the forefront of taste innovation, poured from more than 500 taps. There is something for everyone, even more traditional styles and experimental flavours.

For over 100 years, Warsaw’s streets have been home to a diverse mix of people and cultures. The city’s food scene has developed into a unique blend of tastes from around the world. Traditions continue at the Warsaw Beer Festival. 17 of the best foodtrucks offer visitors a distinct selection for every taste and pocket.

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